1. Give players a chance to look through all the Past and Present Tense pairs from this rule booklet.
  2. Separate the cards into 2 decks (Deck A and B).

  3. Choose only a deck to play (A or B). Shuffle and place the Present Tense cards face down in the middle of the table. This is the match pile.
  4. Shuffle the Past Tense and the Surprise cards together, then place them face down as another pile in the middle of the table. This is the slap pile.

Game play

  1. The oldest player starts by flipping over to show a card from the match pile.
  2. This player then flips over a card from the slap pile. If there’s a match or surprise card, players can slap it.

  3. If there is no match, continue taking turns flipping over the slap pile until there’s a match.
  4. If a player slaps a Surprise card, he uses it immediately and then discards it.

  5. If a player slaps a matching card, he keeps both the Past Tense and Present Tense cards.
  6. The player, who kept the matching cards, starts the next round by flipping over a new card from the match pile, then one from the slap pile. (Same as step 1 and 2)
  7. If there’s no more cards in the slap pile, reshuffle the unclaimed Past Tense and Surprise cards back into the Slap Pile, then continue the game.

  8. Continue playing until one player has gotten 3 pairs of cards!

Some rules related to slapping:

  1. When more than one player slaps a card from the slap pile, the player who slapped the fastest wins the pair. Continue playing until one player has gotten 3 pairs of cards!
  2. When a player slaps the wrong cards 3 times, that player must give up a pair of cards (returning each card to the bottom of its pile).

Slap on Surprise cards?

  1. LIKEABLE YOU – Choose a player to give you a pair of cards. Ignore this if no other players have cards.
  2. LOVABLE YOU – Each player gives you a pair of cards. Ignore this for players who have no cards.
  3. FUTURE YOU – Look at the next 5 cards in the slap pile. (Don’t show anyone else, then put the cards back.)
  4. GENEROUS YOU – You give a pair of cards to someone of your choice. Ignore this if you don’t have any cards.
  5. STOPPING YOU – Keep this card. Use it any time to stop another player from using a Surprise card (use once only).

Note: The player you stopped has to discard the Surprise card. All the Surprise cards except STOPPING YOU must be used immediately. Once a Surprise card is used, discard it.


The goal is to be the first to win 3 pairs of cards.